Lindsey + Stephen | Bongoland + Mustards Last Stand | Port Orange + Melbourne, FL


  It’s no secret that we love traveling and exploring new areas, but over last year we’ve been trying to explore places a little closer to home. The reason being, there are gems like Bongoland right down the street!! For those who don’t know Bongoland is a former Dinosaur theme park located in Port Orange, Florida that was shut down in 1952 due to “lack of public interest

 Today, the park ruins is now part of a botanical gardens called Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens. Five of the dinosaurs still exist today including a triceratops, a stegosaurus and a tyrannosaurus rex. Though they are now protected as part of Florida’s heritage, their paint long gone, their bodies darkened with grime, mold, and covered in moss and spider webs.

    We had posted a few photos of our trip there and within 20 minutes, Stephen messaged us saying that he and his Fiancé Lindsey wanted to do their engagement session there. There were no words to describe how stoked we were and even more so when they wanted to hit up the legendary Mustards Last Stand, a Melbourne Chicago style hotdog eatery, a place that they held near and dear to their hearts. I mean, you can’t blame them because it is insane and if you haven’t been, you need to stop what you are doing and enjoy it for yourself! BUT before you do, scroll down to see the amazing moments we captured with these two during their totally badass engagement shoot.