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You deserve to be treated like more than just another client. You deserve more than some stranger showing up, snapping photos from the sidelines like you are just subject matter. But that’s irrelevant now, because you found us! Being a married couple ourselves, we know how important those milestone celebrations are and we never let a moment go waste. We often hear how refreshing it is that we are the perfect combo of fun and professional. We are very open throughout the whole process, communicating what works best so that you feel confident knowing you are getting the best photos/experience possible. Want all the artistic flair, but also want the timelessness of traditional photos? You came to the right people! Are you like us and just ready for the party, and want a more candid/ laid back style? We have you covered. 

     As you scroll through our work, You’ll notice we can adapt to any environment. Warehouses, historic buildings, the ocean, farmhouses, the tundra. Everyone is unique and no wedding is the same, so why should your photos?



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Hey! Congrats on making it this far in our most excellent website! You've gotten to see a little of what we do, but before we go any further, it only seems natural that we give you the low down on the two minds behind all of this. We are Bianca + Kyle Thompson! A quirky husband and wife team from Central Florida. When we aren't behind the cameras or answering emails, we are either, jamming out to loud music, watching a vice documentary, or hanging out with our cats Olive Oil + Spudz Mackenzie. Although we live in a place that is nearly below sea level, our happy place is trekking through the mountains. We never go longer than a month without taking a road trip, which has allowed us to see and document so many incredible places over the years. 

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   "This duo can shoot a backyard wedding with no pretty details involved and make it consistently look incredible. It definitely is about the photographers! They are truly one (two?) of a kind." - Melissa Benzel


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