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Your everyday is beautiful

The adventures, the chaos, and the small acts of everyday love that make up your life are the memories you are likely to treasure years from now. These are the moments you will want to see far more than the generically posed photo that look just like the one on everyone else’s wall. Our approach to photography is to tell a story, your story.  Whether you are marrying your best friend or just going out for tacos with the family, documenting is what we do and love is what it's all about.

"This duo can shoot a backyard wedding with no pretty details involved and make it consistently look incredible. It definitely is about the photographers! They are truly one (two?) of a kind." - Melissa Benzel

Oak meets Iron

The most important part of our photography is showing real moments for the true at heart. We consider ourselves time lords giving you the opportunity to go back to these important moments in your life. Whether it's a wedding or a lifestyle session, we love to have fun. Don't be surprised if we break out into a dance move or joke around to get a smile out of you. Our inspiration comes from looking at our old family photo albums, 70's films, architecture, paintings, and anything that makes us look at the world with purpose. We wanted to put our own twist on things, and that's what we set out to do every time we pick up our cameras. 

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The Unstoppable Force of Love


I do for you!

Marry your best friend, it's awesome and good for your soul

Come as you are!

Our lifestyle sessions are aimed to peer inside your everyday lives. 


Moments are nothing unless you live them