My (now) husband proposed in December of 2016- I was in shock. I had not thought about anything wedding.. ever! So when I had to start choosing vendors I started grabbing at whatever I could find- none of the photographers felt like... us. They were great- but they didn't have the "look" we were really searching for.

Kicker- we live in California but were getting married in Tennessee (where we are originally from). A friend of mine reached out and said "I know the best photographers- they live in Florida, but they shot my wedding and they would definitely shoot yours!” I took one look at their portfolio and instantly knew- Bianca and Kyle were the duo that fit right in.

We chatted throughout our engagement- I fell in love with their personalities via instagram- SO. FUNNY (you at least have to follow these two- @oakandironphoto �) I didn't have any doubt in their ability to capture the vibe of our big day- so I really didn't fret- and I can say now post wedding there was no need to fret whatsoever.

Bianca and Kyle showed up the day of our wedding which was cold, dark, and rainy- three things Floridians are not used to- but they did not complain- they didn't even mention it while we ran outside and took a ton of photos literally RUNNING through the rain and cold.

These two will run crazy (in a good way) through your ceremony and reception to get all the photos- all.the.photos. They will get the job done and get it done in an organized way- which is EVERYTHING on your wedding day.

If you have a special request they will fill it and make sure it gets done no questions asked. It's one thing to have a great photographer and it's another to have TWO and for them both to be as great as Bianca and Kyle..... it's worth everything. Take it from me- I️ am a very particular person- and I had not one worry that day when it came to photography. That's saying something.

You will cherish these photos for the rest of your life- and Bianca and Kyle understand that and capture the day organically and have a presence about that them that makes the day even more special!

- Natalie Damico

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