Team work makes the dream work



As your photographers, we will spend some of the most important times together. From the I do’s to the milestone celebrations. We don't want to come in as strangers, but as friends.

Here's a bit about us and our story.


Illustration by Morgane Carlier

Our Story


We are Bianca and Kyle Thompson! Two super passionate, quirky, and eccentric folks, currently residing in Central Florida. We had originally met at a British pub and years later re-met at an Irish pub. It was love at first sight, and from then on out we were practically attached at the hip. This lead to us starting Oak and Iron together and leaving our day jobs to fully commit to photography. Our friends would tell you that our life is like a sitcom and we can’t totally disagree. In 2016 we flew to Seattle, hiked up Rattle Snake Ridge, and said our marriage vows to each other. Then Olive and Spudz came into our lives, the two sweetest kittens you could ever meet, whom have definitely turned this house into a home. Since then we have continued to travel all over the United States documenting the stories of so many rad people. 

From this we found ourselves constantly being reminded of how everyday calls for a celebration. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, but a little booty shake on way the fridge makes life a little more fun. We absolutely love telling stories through photographs which is exactly why we do this for a living!

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Our Approach


The most important part of our photography is to really show who you are and all the beautiful moments that you are apart of. We like to  consider ourselves time lords, giving you the opportunity to go back to these important moments in your life. We definitely love what we do and because of that, we are always having the time of our lives, which we believe adds a great vibe to any session. Don't be surprised if we break out into a dance move or joke around to get a smile out of you, we never take ourselves too serious in that aspect. Our inspiration comes from looking at our old family photo albums, B rated movies, architecture, paintings, and anything that makes us look at the world with purpose. We wanted to put our own twist on things, and that's what we set out to do every time we pick up our cameras. 

 With us, you get a married couple who believes that moments are nothing unless you live them and our job is to make those moments last a lifetime. As much as we do use posing, we also are obsessed with candid, natural moments. They are what make the session true to you after all. We want you to feel comfortable in front of our lenses, so it's important for us to get to know everyone we work with. We want to show who you are! We use consultation sessions or facetime/skype to meet with you so we can know you outside of being our client. Ready to have some fun with us?! Invite us on your adventure, tell us all about your big day, your family, what aspect of life you want captured! We can't wait to freeze time with you! 

For a behind the scenes look and peak into our daily lives, make sure you follow us on instagram and check out our stories! We've been told they are the highlight of some peoples day, so we extend the invite to you! Plus it's full of daily exclusive content that might not be seen on our website!


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What We Love

-Our cats
-Baking Bread
-Ice cream (duh) 
-By the slice pizza joints
-Collecting wall art
-The smell of freshly cut wood
-Taco Tuesday
-Working out
-Road trips
-Collecting colored vinyl records
-Renovating our home
-Finishing lists
  -Doc Martens        

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Our cats are the pickles to our life sandwich


We love our cats and talk about them like they’re our kids (which they totally are). Both came from the streets, so they have their wild instincts, but are two little love bugs at the end of the day. We are firm believers in adopting your furry family members, and thanks to the help of The Last Chance Sanctuary we were able to add love to our family. Spudz Mackenzie and Olive Oil have graced us with their presence in our lives through chance and we couldn’t imagine life without them now.