Barnett Family | Backwater | Melbourne, FL


Pancakes, a birthday celebration, and a gnarly downtown location, oh my! 
Well that didn't roll of the tongue the way we thought it would, but this session was seriously awesome. We started out by wandering around Downtown Melbourne, little did we know these few random spots along the way would be so sick! From a random corvette show, to amazing street art, we didn't have to go far to experience so much! Although we cherish every single session, this one was special to us. 

If there was a saying to describe our relationship with the Barnett family it was be "We go back like four flats on a Cadillac". They are the most incredible family you could ask to meet and that's exactly how we wanted to portray them, INCREDIBLE! They completely turn any room they are in into a home and fill it with nothing but love.