Couldn’t be happier!!! I was nervous about hiring a wedding photographer. So many of my friends have had bad experiences at their weddings, and I was determined to find skilled artists and personality in the same package. We picked Oak and Iron photography based on all the superb reviews online, impressive galleries, and an overall feeling of connection and understanding after the phone interview. The husband/wife duo was also a big plus (opposed to photographers who hire an assistant shortly before the wedding, but not someone they work with regularly). We live hours away, so we only met at our engagement shoot. We had the best time!!!! So much fun, they made us feel comfortable, made suggestions for how to pose while at the same time letting us be ourselves. The photos could not have been better!!! We had a preview of nearly 30 fabulous photos within 24 hours and the rest within a week. Not 500 to sort through on our own. Edited, selected photos that are all really nice. I’m so excited to work with Bianca and Kyle at our wedding. They are artists and all around wonderful people. Nothing but love for them!!

- Mindy

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