Melissa + Katie | Lord Thompson Manor | Thompson, CT


If we had to give this wedding a title, it would most definitely be "It's better together"! 

Melissa + Katie’s wedding was without a doubt one of the most incredible celebrations of love we have ever witnessed! First off, the venue Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson Connecticut was like the raddest venue ever!!! Not only because it's our last name (Ayooooooo) but c'mon! Just look at it! We definitely don't have anything like this in Florida! On top of the stunning location, the brides and guest are what made it truly unforgettable. They got ready at the cutest little cottage down the street from the venue and had us fighting back tears during their first look. We could go on and on, but you know us and it’s just a bunch of “Rads” and “Awesomes” so scroll past our struggle to find the perfect description of this wedding and see it for yourself!!
There are a ton of photos so we recommend a nice song to accompany the gallery.