Brittani + Ryan | Mayakka City, FL

Photographing this wedding was a bit different for us, but in the best way possible.

 Brittani + Ryan live in Milwaukee, so we really weren’t able to get to know them very well before hand which gave us that first date, stomach full of butterflies feeling. The venue (Ryan’s parents house) was in the middle of Florida, in a small town surrounded by orange groves, farms, aluminum castles, and more cows than people. When we arrived, we were greeting by 5 guys on motorcycles, decked out with tattoos, in the driveway. One of them (who happened to be the groom) told Kyle to come with them and sent Bianca in to the house.  As the rest of the day unfolded, we felt like we were best friends with this couple and their family and friends. They treated us like we were guest at their wedding. 

The entire backyard was filled with decorations straight out of pinterest (and done exceptionally well, we might add). The grooms mother, along with the help of family, put together everything that Brittani + Ryan envisioned for their special day. It was a dream come true for us as well (everything was just so photogenic). 

A few years ago, Brittani lost her older sister. As a surprise, Brittani’s mom gave her a necklace as a tribute to her sister and told her that “it was her something old and something new, her older sister in a new form.” The emotions flew through the room and there wasn’t a dry eye in sight.

She also had her older sisters photo on her bouquet which you can see below.