From Snap to Send: The life cycle of your photos

You’ve done it! You tied the knot! Now it’s the dreading time for you to wait to get all your photos back from your EPIC day. We have been there as well. You want to get them back the next day so you can relive every moment, share them with friends and family, put prints up on your walls, etc etc. For us, that is where ALOT of the work takes place. Yes, taking a photo can be easy, adjust some settings and click a button, done. Congrats, you now have a flat, SOOC (straight out of camera) photo. Much like the first draft of a short story, it could use some refining and some oomph to it. This is where all of the backwork takes place. For us, it is far more than just playing with some sliders, correcting exposure, and tweaking the tone curve. We relive these moments as well and strive to paint the emotion back into the SOOC photo. We also want our clients to relive every moment when they look at their pictures, even the ones they may have forgotten about. This is why we don't put a cap on how many photos we deliver. Doing this means sometimes we have 1300 photos to edit from your wedding day. Since we hand edit every photo, it may take us a bit to get them all to you, but we promise it's worth the wait. 

Below we have included some before and after photos to show you the work that goes into them. We strive for all of our clients to love the way they look in the photos we take of them!



Having a mindset where we treat everyones photos as if they are photos of us has made it so that although it takes a little while to get your photos back, we know that it'll all be worth it. It has taken us a long time to achieve our signature style, but it has come through our love of art, but most importantly our love of love.

Bianca + Kyle

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