Normalize Breastfeeding Styled Shoot | Rockledge, FL

We were recently given the opportunity to help photograph a Normalize Breast feeding meet up this past February. As the wacky artists we are, the first thing we asked each other was "How can we do this different?"
It is no coincidence that we were also discussing our roots and how they shape us as individuals. Long story short we got inspired by Greek icon art work. The imagery of Sainthood was shown through a ring of fire behind those deemed a Saint. Luckily we knew how to capture an in camera ring of fire, the next was a subject matter worthy of Sainthood. As both children of incredible women we knew it had to be a Mom. It was the perfect time to bring our concept to life, as we had 13 incredible moms and their child right infront of us. 

*Keep in mind this is simply an artists interpretation of a classic art form, and not a reflection of our or our models personal views. 

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