Tracy + Tim | Crooked Can Brewery | Winter Garden, FL

When you think you have seen most of the cool places your state has to offer, sometimes you get a little smack in the face and have to keep on searching. Luckily Tracy + Tim are way cooler than we are and know the real hot spots. After an hour drive, we had arrived at the Plant Street Market. Needless to say, it was beyond our expectations, it was alive and happening much like the love these two had for each other. Like any great story, it started with beer. 

We headed right for the main attraction of the market, The Crooked Can Brewery. Left, unsupervised we immediately went to these incredible whiskey barrels. One of which had the date of their wedding on it (totally unplanned, the beer gods clearly blessed this session). Once the crowd started rolling in, it was off to mother nature. Tracy + Tim were all-stars, plain and simple. We can't wait for their big hoppy day.