Photo by  Stolen Glimpses

Photo taken by Stolen Glimpses

Who are we?

We are Kyle & Bianca Thompson and we make up Oak & Iron Photography. We're married and loving life. We are obsessed with food, music, and adventure (also taking pictures which is why we do what we do). We love making every moment in life a blast, so we try to keep the boring times to a minimum. We are super active and always thirsty for a new experience. We like to consider ourselves artists instead of photographers since we've both had a fare share of dipping our toes into a million different things in the art world. Our main thing is having a camera around our necks, documenting the world around us. We are super neat people who love spending tons of time in our PJ's watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (or something of that nature) while we eat some random concoction that we came up with in our kitchen. We love to meet people and make new friends, so hit us up and get to know us! 
- Cheers!