First Date: Chez Quans

     Behind every door, there is possibility. Behind every smile, there is a story. Behind ever dish, there is love. Our love of food and hard work, lead us to a little restaurant called Chez Quans located in the heart of Melbourne, FL.

     We had the great pleasure of sitting down with Adam Woolworth (GM of Chez Quans) to have a chat about the restaurant, the food, the music, the past, the present, and most importantly, family. It was the moment we walked through the front door that we instantly felt at home. The front of house was amazing and full of knowledge (we are nosey about sauces). The collection of art was stellar. Of course, the kitchen staff were rockstars and never missed a beat. As for the main event, the food, it was out of this world. The mix of Thai and latin flavors was unlike anything we had experienced, it left us wanting to trying everything on the menu (the tostones are unbeatable). 
     Now, it didn’t take long to realize the dynamic between Adam and his Mom, saying “She is the wizard, I am just the scientist.” It was clear that she as well as all the staff put their heart and soul into the restaurant and boy does it show.

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