Yaky + Christian | Wekiwa Springs National Park | Apopka, FL


It's no coincidence that two photographers would fall in love at first sight. They first saw each other from across the room at a photography conference, but never even uttered a word to each other. He being from the UK and she living in Orlando, didn’t make seeing each other any easier. Fast forward a bit and she makes a comment on his photo in a photography group, he takes the opportunity to say hello and the rest is history. The anticipation of seeing each other built over pulling all-nighters just to Skype each other, finding any free moment in the day to talk to each other despite the time difference. Three years later, he's crossing oceans to start where he left off, gazing into her eyes, finally able to embrace the woman he loves. From an unspoken glance 3 years ago, to a journey across the pond, this love story is straight out of a fairytale.

We had such an amazing time capturing the most raw, passionate love story we've witnessed. Wakiva Springs was the perfect setting for this amazing intimate session, with its lush greens and alligator free water.  It was fate and a love for photography that brought Yaky + Christian together and they are taking the world by storm.