Team work makes the dream work


About Us

Hi! I'm Bianca

I have been doing photography for the past 10 years (it's even what I went to college for) so writing about anything else can definitely be a task, however I love making lists, so this should be fun, right? I was born and raised in Florida but have an unhealthy obsession with traveling. Being able to go on mission trips to places like South Africa and Guatemala opened my eyes to the world around me and helped me learn how to connect with people no matter what differences we have. 

Photography has been a huge part of my life since I was a kid. Being able to document life through art is what got me hooked. Photos are a way to take you back to a moment, a day, an event, a time in your life and memories are what life is made of. Besides all that, my cats, food, and adventure is what keeps me going. Chocolate milk is my coffee. Olives straight out of the jar is my favorite late night snack. I hate talking about myself but love hearing others stories so feel free to talk my ear off!


Personality Breakdown

Hey I'm Kyle!

 I grew up skateboarding around the streets of Boston, MA with my little rag tag group of friends, played in punk rock bands, and have always had a passion for self expression. I went to W.I.T for industrial design in hopes of keeping toy design alive and well. In 2012 I packed my bags off a whim and moved to the sunshine state where I had met my beautiful wife. From there my passion for documenting life was discovered. 

 Unlike Bianca, Coffee is my coffee, but peanut butter is pretty rad. I could talk about food for hours thanks to way too many hours watching food network as a young lad, so it's best we leave it there. If there is music playing, I get this undeniable urge to dance, for which I apologize in advance, but the moves have been known to stop oncoming traffic. Behind the lens, I love mixing personality with timeslessness. Creating epic moments is undoubtable always on my mind, and my thirst for knowledge has definitely deemed me the "wise fool" as the nice fella at the tea shopped like to call me (it was the best compliment ever). If you have random fun facts, I am all ears! 

Our Approach


The most important part of our photography is showing real moments for the true at heart. We consider ourselves time lords giving you the opportunity to go back to these important moments in your life. Whether it's a wedding or a lifestyle session, we love to have fun. Don't be surprised if we break out into a dance move or joke around to get a smile out of you. Our inspiration comes from looking at our old family photo albums, 70's films, architecture, paintings, and anything that makes us look at the world with purpose. We wanted to put our own twist on things, and that's what we set out to do every time we pick up our cameras. 


On top of capturing real moments, we want you to feel like you are the star of your own movie based on your life. The images we capture are stills from this movie. We are mindful of framing, colors, shapes, shadows, highlights, and everything that goes into making your moments into art. With us, you get a married couple who knows how important wedding photos are, we know that family and love is the key to a good life. Moments are nothing unless you live them and our job is to make those moments last a lifetime. As much as we do use posing in our sessions, we also are obsessed with candid, natural moments. They are what make the session true to you. Those in between moments are what make your life full. We want you to feel comfortable in front of our lenses, so it's important for us to get to know everyone we work with. We want to show who you are! We use consultation sessions or facetime/skype to meet with you so we can know you outside of being our client. Ready to have some fun with us?! Invite us on your adventure, tell us all about your big day, your family, what aspect of life you want captured! We can't wait to freeze time with you! 


What We Love

-Our cats
-Holiday candles
-Ice cream (duh) 
-By the slice pizza joints
-Collecting wall art
-The smell of freshly cut wood
-Taco Tuesday
-Road trips
-Anything Seattle related
-Hip-hop + Indie Music
-Finishing lists
-Jim Beam Bourbon        

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Our cats are the pickles to our life sandwich


We love our cats and talk about them like they’re our kids (which they totally are). Both came from the streets, so they have their wild instincts, but are two little love bugs at the end of the day. We are firm believers in adopting your furry family members, and thanks to the help of The Last Chance Sanctuary we were able to add love to our family. Spudz Mackenzie and Olive Oil have graced us with their presence in our lives through chance and we couldn’t imagine life without them now.