Who are we?

     We are Bianca and Kyle Thompson, two best friends who happened to fall madly in love. She is a Florida native and he is from the best city ever, Boston, MA (according to him this is a fact). We were brought together through our love of bourbon and indie bands, but stayed for our passion in the arts. 

     Besides running our business (which takes up a majority of our life) or traveling the globe we are usually in our amazingly cozy home, cooking breathtaking veggie dishes (Kyle is a Veggie, Bianca is not…but supportive), hanging out with our intern Olive, or adding a new painting to our already massive art collection. 

      Our style is a perfect blend of our individual artistic vision of the world around us. Whether it is symmetry, color concepts, or even our height difference. We are constantly pushing our limits to capture real moments, moments you will look back on and be transported to. The ones that stand up to time. 
                                                       - Cheers!

P.s We would like to welcome our new unpaid intern, Ms. Olive Oil. She is a very fast learner, shows great leadership, has a tendency to fall asleep on the clock, but never the less she is a crucial part of the Oak and Iron team. 

Artwork on website by Shelby Lindemann



What do we think about each other?


"Photography is her life. The way she views the world is nothing short of inspirational. Her artistic execution is a perfect balance of precision and beauty. Over last 8 years, she has given her life to capturing the world through her eyes and has made a long lasting impact on all those she surrounds herself with. She is everything I love in art and life. " - Kyle


"We love our Olive bean. She is the best mascot/friend/secretary/unpaid intern ever. From giving us loves when we need it, to forcing us to take breaks from editing to play with her, we couldn't ask for a better teammate. She also makes for the best model in town and will forever be our muse." - Bianca + Kyle


"He has a million different passions, but his main one is Art. Being an artist is something he has been striving for since he was a kid, little did he know he'd find it in a camera. His ability to capture beautiful moments between people or even a feeling that a certain building gives you is remarkable. Creativity is what he's made of, and he shows that to me everyday. He's also a super neat guy." - Bianca

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